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Have you ever dreamt of living in a cleaner Pune? Have you ever wondered what it would be walk on the streets of a greener Pune? Well here is the chance to make it all happen. Cleanhearts is an organization started and run solely by the youth of the city. We aim to tackle all kinds of problems faced while trying to achieve the ideals of a perfect society. Our motto is simple- Dare to make Pune a better place to stay. Aren’t we all tired of the maddening pollution we face every day? Haven’t we had enough of the streets piled with garbage? We need to stop accepting these problems as our fate because we have the potential to bring about the right change. Cleanhearts believes that with a bit of dedication and support from you, we can achieve what we dream of. We plan to start several projects to improve the condition of our city and make a happier environment. Let us join hands and act today to avoid hard decisions tomorrow.

Please keep +91 before the number when you dial.
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